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Are YOU the Master and Commander of your Relationship or the Sunken Disaster?

Whether you are struggling or thriving, been together for years or newlyweds, you will find this class to be your map to your relationship treasure chest!

Part 1:  Introduction – Reconnection and Nurturing Your Friendship

Learn marriage strengthening and saving skills that will help you reconnect and build your marriage from the ground up.  You will learn to increase your friendship and your connection which in turn increases intimacy.

Among other skills, we introduce the Principles developed by Dr. John Gottman that are essential to a happy marriage.

We will navigate:

1. Enhancing your love maps: Love is in the details. That is, happy couples are very much familiar with their partner’s world including knowing your partner’s love language.

2. Nurturing your fondness and admiration: Fondness and admiration are two of the most important elements in a satisfying and long-term relationship. If these elements are completely missing, the marriage can’t be saved.

3. Turning toward each other instead of away: Gottman acknowledges that this might seem humdrum, but turning toward each other in these ways is the basis for connection and passion. Couples that turn toward each other have more in their “emotional bank account.”

4. Letting your partner influence you: Happy couples are a team that considers each other’s perspective and feelings. They make decisions together and search out common ground.

5. What are the indicators of divorce?  We will examine the 4 things we all do in our relationships that if get out of hand can destroy our relationship.

Part 2: Resolving Conflict and Communication

Once we have built up our friendship and admiration it is now time to navigate our Communication skills and learning the best way to face conflict.

You are not alone—

Close up of young couple fighting sitting on sofa

Every couple faces conflict and differences in how we see the world.  You will be given some very useful tools to help you in even the most difficult times.

We will navigate:

1. Solving your solvable problems: There are two types of marital problems -conflicts that can be resolved and perpetual problems that can’t. It’s important for couples to determine which ones are which and then learn the skills to navigate them.

2. Overcoming gridlock: Gridlock is a sign that you have dreams for your life that aren’t being addressed or respected by each other.  Happy couples believe in the importance of helping each other realize their dreams.

3. Effectively having a Conversation around conflict: Using an effective tool – the Communication Map – You will know how to effectively exchange information so that it is thoroughly understood, and you know how to resolve differences and move on from conflict to get on with the serious business of fulfilling your dreams.

4. Changing Perceptions:  How we view a situation can create conflict in itself.  We will look at different “paradigms” that effect our thinking and our view of our partner.

5.  Inviting our Partner to visit us where “we live”:  We will use a powerful exercise called “Sailing to my Island” used so you feel completely safe to share with your partner and know that you are completely heard.

Part 3:  Advanced- Intimacy, Sex, Romance and Beyond


This class will take couples  to the next level. We can and should always be asking “What’s Next” in our relationship. Not nurishing a good marriage is like not watering your plant because it already looks good.  We will be stretching your limits to further increase connection and deepening intimacy that will strengthen and create an extraordinary, “radical” relationship beyond your wildest dreams using the principles in Radical Marriage.

So, What is a “Radical Marriage”?

What does a Radical Marriage look like? No-one really knows because this is largely uncharted territory and individual for each couple. You can see glimpses in other couple relationships when they seem incredibly connected and in love, long after their honeymoon. These are the couples that inspire you to think “I want to be like THAT!” We identify Six Key Elements of a Radical Marriage and show you how you can uniquely make them into your own Radical experience.

We will navigate:

1. Radical Commitment: Beyond your marriage vows, you both are absolutely, 100% committed to your marriage, no matter what, and you are as committed to your partner’s happiness as your own.  Learn how you each can take 100% responsibility for the relationship, your experience in the relationship and for your outcomes in the relationship.

2. Radical Communication:  Review of the Communication Map and using the Relationship Journal to document your needs and desires so that you can identify and communicate them effectively.

3, Radical Intimacy: Stretching yourself to be completely transparent to your partner, not holding anything back, and sharing all your thoughts, feelings, wants, needs, fantasies and desires.

4. Radical Romance: How to continually express your love, appreciation, attraction and adoration for your partner in words and actions so that you don’t take your relationship for granted or allow passion to be replaced by routine.

5. Radical Sex: Beyond satisfying physical urges, see how you can consciously seek and experience emotional, physical, and spiritual connection every day, continually exploring new ways to express love and pleasure your partner and allowing yourself to be loved and pleasured.

6. Radical Living: Beyond survival and comfort, learn to consciously design your lifestyle together, develop your shared vision and goals, devote time and resources to realizing your dreams in each moment together as well as prioritizing your goals and preparing for your future.   We will finish the class with a well-designed Relationship Plan for you to use as your Marriage Constitution.

*You will be receiving the electronic version of the Radical Marriage book with this class.


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  • All classes will be recorded, so if you miss a class – no problem.
  • Classes are for couples at any stage in their relationship – whether you are struggling or thriving.
  • Working with a group not only makes it fun but also shows you that all couples have similar experiences.
  • You will be added to a closed Facebook Group where you will can receive support and interact with others in the class.
  • Materials included will be sent via e-file, including the Radical Marriage ebook.  Although there is suggested reading, there is nothing additional to purchase.