PreMarital Program

Pre-Marital Discovery Program

Have you been wondering whether you are ready to take that walk down the aisle?

Are you truly prepared to handle all the challenges of marriage?

Wouldn’t it be great to get most of the big issues out of the way now so that you can KNOW you can live Happily Ever After?

What we will cover in this Program:

  • Knowing what you need in your relationship to make you happy.
  • Determining your vision for the relationship and your future.
  • Learning Communication Skills and Tools.
  • How to manage conflict.
  • Making sure this is the right partner for you.
  • What are the most challenging but powerful 5 Promises that you can make to each other.
  • Creating your Relationship Plan

Marriage is a huge step and we don’t want to take it without taking a good look at what is challenging you now.   I will tell you this for sure – Whatever challenges you are facing now will NOT be solved by getting married.

This is a Coaching Program and specific to your needs and your issues.   It works better as a couple, but it can also be done with just one person from the relationship.   While I have an agenda that we can follow and a workbook with specific exercises, I let YOU decide what YOU feel is the best direction to go.

This program will prepare you and give you the skills to give you that unsinkable relationship that can last forever!

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