What Others Are Saying about working



I am truly grateful and appreciative for the opportunity I had to work with Kim. She was always able to bring me to a place of peace and contentment. Her words were always spoken with sincerity, compassion, and professionalism. Throughout our discussions, it was obvious that she truly cares and loves helping others.”  – Karen R. – Clearwater, FL 

 “I cannot think of a better way to reach nautical nirvana and sail into a meaningful relationship, than to hop on board with Sailing Happily Ever After!” Christopher W. – Baltimore, MD

“Kim is a coach who objectively deals with subjective content in a professional manner. Using online communication, a personal workbook and telephone conversations Kim meets the individual needs of her clients. Her fees are modest especially when considering the quality of care and understanding of the challenges faced by woman who engage in a nontraditional role. As a widow and an offshore sailor Kim was instrumental in helping me sort out the array of emotions and decisions I needed to make when faced with establishing a relationship with a new mate.”   Sassea the Sailor – currently in Bahamas

Feeling Blessed -Blessed on day one by Kim and Bob. Great insight and their experience working with people shows.”  -Larry M. – Delaware

“I am a single, never married woman who is strong, independent and stubborn. Working with a happily married couple gives me the perspective I need to see how doing things “my way or the highway” was stopping me from finding the relationship I really wanted. Kim is an extremely intuitive, caring coach who truly LISTENS to what I wanted. She patiently coached me and held my feet to the fire. It took about 6 months until I was happily in a committed relationship with a great guy. Before meeting Kim, I had been dating for on my own for 8 years with a lot more frustration. Even while I was finally in my dream relationship. I would have let go of a really great guy, but Kim helped me see that I was afraid of something that didn’t exist and made me see that the same trust issues had stopped me from being really happy for 30+ years. I highly recommend Kim  if you are looking for a breakthrough as a single and then having her help you KEEP the relationship you’ve attracted”.  T.W. – California